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Weekly episodes of stories in Irish golf, practical advice, tales from the tour, golf tech and learnings which may inspire you to strive and go all in on your golfing, fitness and maybe even some life goals.

PaddyTalks show is all about bringing the stories in golf, predominantly Irish Golf, to all of you in a very relaxed vibe as if you were overhearing a chat in a coffee shop or in someone else's kitchen.

Paddy sits down with a wide variety of guests to cover everything golf, from PGA pro's, professional golfers, amateurs, green keepers, golf club managers's, CEO's of Golf companies and also will release the odd major and Irish Open preview.

Looking to bring a golf is for all voice, to bring the discussions from our fairway four-ball's to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf.

So what are you waiting for? Let's tee it up and press play.

Apr 12, 2020

Mike "FitForGolf" Carroll is a lover of all things golf and physical training, and really enjoys trying to help golfers achieve better, more enjoyable, pain free golf through optimal physical training.
Practicing what he preaches he has experimented with lots of different training methods over the years.
With a background in Sport and Exercise Science, a TPi Level 3 certification amongst many more, with extensive experience both in training others and himself and being a golfer Mike feels that he has a set of tools well fitted to helping fellow golfers get “Fit For Golf”.

There are many myths and misconceptions out there and Mike simply try's to provide the best quality information and coaching he can.

It was a pleasure to speak with Mike and I hope you enjoy the listen. Make sure to leave a review, share the show with your family and friends and please make your way over to and join the timesheet. 

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